The first book in the Ghost World series, 'The Ghost Drum', had been about a night-walking witch arriving in the depths of winter, in a night six months long, to beg a new-born baby from its mother.  The mother, being a slave herself, gladly gives the baby up, hoping it will have a better future.

          As soon as I'd finished this book,  I wanted to write about what happened when a witch came in the middle of a white night - the long summer nights of the North, when it's never dark - and was refused the baby he wanted to adopt.  This idea eventually became the book, 'Ghost Song.'

          In writing this book, I finally put down on paper an image that had lived in my head since I was eleven, and first read the Norse Myths - a description of the great Ash, Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and the Rainbow Bridge, Bifrost, arcing through its branches.

          I always thought that Ghost Drum was the best book I'd ever written, but I've been reading Ghost Song again, as I turn it into a kindle e-book, and I'm beginning to think that I was wrong.  Ghost Song may be better than Ghost Drum!